Advanced Serial Data Logger Standard

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  • Regular Price: $100

Main Features:

  • This utility allows you to log multiple serial (RS232, RS485, RS422) ports at the same time.
  • With the software, you can use any baud rate, number of data bits or stop bits, parity, hardware, and software flow control
  • It RS-485 protocol support
  • Using this tool, you can monitor and catch data exchange between an external device and other software.
  • It assis text, raw, binary data, and various communication protocols.
  • You can save sent and received data to a file without any changes
  • It provides data query modules
  • Advanced data parsers allow you to parse, filter, and format your data
  • It can data export to any ODBC- or SQL-compatible database
  • It can industrial real-time export capabilities
  • It can help you write to a file all program messages so that you may diagnose errors and warnings.
  • This tool provides many plugin modules to extend program features.
  • It can work all Windows versions 2000+.
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