AVD Graphic Studio

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  • Old Price: $24.95
  • New Price: $21.21

Main Features:

  • Save/load specific file format parameters and save/load preview dialogs
  • Acquires images from TWAIN scanners
  • Image processing (Equalize, Contrast, RGB, HSV, HSL, FFT, convert to 24 bit, gray, and B&W)
  • Effects (Negative, bump map, lens, wave, morph, user filters)
  • Crop functions and Copy to clipboard
  • Changes resolution on graphic files
  • Advanced print control (many options)
  • Rotating through any angle
  • Mirroring (horizontal and vertical)
  • Resizing (9 filters for quality resampling: Triangle, Hermite, Bell, BSpline, Lanczos3, Mitchell, Nearest, Linear, FastLinear)
  • Draw with a multitude of tools
  • Multipage TIF, TIFF, and FAX viewer and editor
  • Extents selection, resizing, and moving regions
  • Image clearing – Remove Noise and Remove Isolated Pixels
  • Image Deskewing (to correct images that were skewed from fax transmission, scanning, etc).
  • Simple tool which helps to remove red eyes
  • Drop shadow (Gaussian Shadow)
  • Frame, Mask, and Border Effects
  • Slicing tool.
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