Serial Splitter Mobile

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  • Old Price: $49.95
  • New Price: $44.95

Main Features:

  • Unique all-in-one functionality: split, join serial ports, redirect data, etc
  • Create up to 20 virtual serial ports in any mobile device running Windows
  • One serial port can be split into any number of virtual and real serial ports
  • Any number of serial ports can be joined into one
  • You can configure to grant writing privileges to only certain ports in a bundle
  • Ports bundles are automatically configured every time you boot your device
  • Full support of a wide range of GPS devices and software
  • Bidirectional data transfer
  • High-speed data exchange from/to virtual serial ports
  • Hot installation without any need to reboot
  • Add virtual serial ports and real serial ports to any configuration in real-time
  • Unique splitting technology to use in your own software as OEM
  • Release real serial ports to create virtual ones with the same name
  • Split any number of serial ports at the same time
  • User-friendly one-tap GUI
  • ActiveSync installer/uninstaller – install serial splitter mobile easily
  • Support of ARM, MIPS, SH3/4, x86, and other processors
  • Full compatibility with all windows mobile platforms.
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