Eltima USB Analyzer

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Main Features:

  • Interception, recording, display, and analysis of incoming and outgoing data between USB device and application
  • All connected USB devices are displayed in a simple list or hierarchical tree view
  • Real-time interception of IRPs, URBs, IOCTLs, and data transferred through any USB device stack
  • Support for USB root hubs
  • Raw hex dump and decoded human-readable view of the data sent to or received from a USB device
  • Possibility to add markers to the captured data displayed in the main GUI
  • Possibility to filter out the unnecessary information from analyzed data
  • Switching between corresponding outgoing and incoming packets
  • Possibility to view device info
  • Possibility to stop monitoring upon specified data reception
  • Convenient search through the captured data
  • Saving gathered data in a binary file for later analysis
  • Export of gathered data to TXT, CSV, XML, or HTML files
  • Multiple USB devices monitoring.
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