EMS Data Generator for Oracle

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Main Features:

  • Data Generator for Oracle is an impressive tool for generating test data to Oracle database tables with the possibility to save and edit scripts.
  • Ability to save and edit generated data in the SQL script without executing queries on the server
  • Ability to select different types of data insertion for Firebird 2.1: through INSERT, UPDATE OR INSERT or MERGE
  • Support of all data types including BIGINT in Firebird 1.5 and BOOLEAN in InterBase 7.0, support of fields of domain-based types
  • The utility can help you to simulate the database production environment and allows you to populate several Oracle database tables with test data simultaneously
  • Define tables and fields for generating data
  • Set value ranges
  • Generate Oracle char fields by mask
  • Define lists of values manually or select them from SQL queries
  • Set generation parameters for each field type and has many other features to generate Oracle test data simply and directly.
  • Data Generator for Oracle also provides a console application, which allows you to generate Oracle test data in one touch by using generation templates.
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