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  • Old Price: $295
  • New Price: $265.5

Main Features:

  • The EA has a special Preset selection mode. That means that after running the EA, you will be able to choose whether to use the mode with settings that have been optimized on the backtests since 2010 and have a very high-reliability rate, or use the Preset with settings optimized since 2017, which provide higher profitability and require a lower initial deposit.
  • The EA has two built-in strategies, designed to adapt to a situation on the Market. Trading using one of them, the EA will switch to another strategy in case of certain circumstances, in order to minimize risks and increase efficiency. This helps to ensure the high reliability of the robot along with good profitability.
  • We use special technology to ensure the accuracy of trading on your account, same as on our account. This guarantees the identity of the results of trading on your account and on our live account.
  • Our system ensures the security of your account. A special drawdown limiting system will not allow you to get a higher drawdown (fixed loss) than you specify in the EA’s settings. It is controlled using Stop Loss, as well as constant monitoring of the drawdown, and the emergency closing of trades forcibly at the Market prices.
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