Automatic PDF Processor (1-year license)

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Main Features:

  • Print, rename, move, or copy PDF files automatically (from one or multiple folders)
  • Send PDF files automatically by email (also with additional attachments)
  • Store embedded PDF attachments in any folder for archiving
  • Extract data from PDF documents automatically and save them as CSV files (PDF scraping)
  • Split PDF documents by maximum file size, bookmarks, number of pages, or keywords
  • Monitor any number of folders (hot folder monitoring)
  • Create individual rules for different tasks
  • Filter by document text, file date, attachment name or count, title …
  • Create the storage location (storage folder) dynamically from PDF document properties or based on content
  • Get informed about different processing statuses by email
  • Limit the automatic processing of PDF files to certain days and times, for example, to print only during office hours
  • Combine a scan and OCR process with subsequent automatic naming by the Automatic PDF Processor in order to be able to file older PDF documents in a structured way as well
  • Perform subsequent actions e.g., start a program with the path of the saved PDF file or PDF attachment as a parameter.
  • Process all already existing PDF files of a folder (with user-defined criteria)
  • Sort PDF files automatically respectively have them moved to another folder and subfolder created dynamically from file properties
  • Send or store an Excel report with an overview and detailed information on a regular basis
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