GSA Image Analyser

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Main Features:

  • Counting objects: This monotone task is how history with our program as it can all be done automatically within seconds.
  • Visualization of objects. You can evaluate the results of the automatic cell counting in the image.
  • Object recognition can be fine-tuned with a lot of options.
  • See a wide range of statistics to your object counting that can later be used in your papers.
  • There are a lot of options that can be used to only get the objects you need.
  • Once the object recognition was performed, you can search for objects that stand out of the mass and find more interesting parts more easily.
  • Manual counting. We have developed tools that make this monotone work much easier.
  • Cut and count: A big image can be cut into several smaller ones where you can more easily count things with a button press.
  • Set a mark count. This is extremely helpful for counting smaller objects.
  • Root length after Tennant
  • Object length calculation
  • Image stack. This is extremely helpful when having images from the same location over time.
  • Apply filters to your image to make things e.g. better seen or to rule out dust or other unwanted parts.
  • You can also edit the image manually here by painting it. No need to use external programs to achieve this.
  • Analyze colors or color ranges and give exact percentages compared to other parts of the image.
  • Create charts and statistics of your color mapping with the press of a button.
  • See a detailed histogram of used colors.


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