Hard Disk Sentinel PROFESSIONAL

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  • Old Price: $33
  • New Price: $19.80

Main Features

Hard Disk Sentinel Standard’s features plus

  • Complete surface analysis, refresh, reinitialize, repair
  • Option to auto-save disk test results/reports
  • Industry-standard data destruction
  • Customizable health/temperature thresholds for drives
  • Monitor Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Monitor Windows disk-related events/errors
  • Portable version (no installation required)
  • Perform scheduled backup projects
  • Panic backup – backup upon failure or problem
  • Burn data to CD/DVD, compress files
  • Export registry sections
  • Transfer files by FTP or e-mail
  • Scheduled hardware disk tests
  • Tray icon/report in service mode with non-admin user
  • Provide complete status by WMI or XML for developers
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