Music Work Center Expressive Brass

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You will have to pay ONLY $78.39 instead of $98 on Music Work Center Expressive Brass. Just come to enjoy it now!

  • Old Price: $98
  • New Price: $78.39

Main Features:

  • Virtually any existing wind controller can now be effectively used to play The VST. WC mode automatically maps the Dynamics to CC2.
  • BC mode automatically maps the Dynamics to CC2. In addition, it’s now the BC that actually triggers note-on & off when overcoming or going below a certain threshold.
  • In Keyboard mode, the duration of portamento is determined by the velocity of the overlapped note. Since note-on velocities output by Windcontrollers generally reflects the current CC2 value.
  • 4 velocity layers, Vibrato, Flutter, EQ, vel. curve, Growl effects, microtones, and others.
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