Mercalli V6 SAL

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  • Old Price: $189
  • New Price: $141.75

Main Features:

  • Greatly improved video stabilization, faster and more efficient than ever!
  • Unique and completely automatic CMOS correction for skew, wobble, and jello
  • Most refined and effective 3D stabilization
  • Fisheye-distortions do not disturb the stabilization process
  • Faster rendering and less zoom-in
  • Numerous cameras are supported
  • Dynamic zoom reduction
  • Improved border-boundary adjustments
  • The degree of sharpening can be selected easily during editing
  • Enhanced options determining camera movement
  • Straight forward storyboard function for combined clip export
  • Superfast full-screen preview with new comparison modes original/optimized
  • Forensic view for evaluation and further optimization of the corrected video
  • Full auto mode for stabilization as well as CMOS correction
  • Advanced customization settings.

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