ProDrenalin V2 Plus

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  • Old Price: $99
  • New Price: $74.25

Main Features:

ProDrenalin V1’s Feature Plus:

  • Optimized camera profiles
  • Adjustable camera profiles
  • On-going profile additions
  • CMOS distortion correction
  • Optimal stabilization of fisheye video
  • Batch analysis option
  • Advanced color correction tools
  • Fully automatic image correction
  • Histogram display
  • Magnifying glass tool
  • Clip splitting
  • A storyboard is a rough-cut movie
  • Drag & drop, click & drag in canvas
  • Common NLE keyboard shortcuts
  • Apply video filter effects
  • Included video effects Vignette, lighting, color, B&W, others
  • Adjust location, rotation, scale
  • Keyframe support
  • Export combined clips as rough-cut movie
  • Direct upload to Youtube
  • Project management features
  • Video-Input formats: mov; mpg; mpeg; mp4; mts; m2t; m2ts; GoPro Cineform, m2v; avi; wmv; mxf; vob; vcd; 3gp; mkv; tod; mod
  • Video Export formats: AVC/H.264 (mp4+mov), Canopus HQ/HQX, HEVC/H.265 (mov), MJpeg (mov).
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