SuperBoundary for AutoCAD – Personal

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  • New Price: $31.20

Main Features:

  • High performance
  • High accuracy
  • The possibility to generate boundaries in areas having significant gaps between adjacent objects
  • The possibility to quickly detect and generate all the enclosed areas in the selected drawing or its part
  • Easy and accurate external outlines generation in complex drawings
  • Polylines generation from spline- and ellipse-based boundaries using a piecewise-linear approximation
  • Flexible adjustment of the boundaries generated. These are width, color, and layer
  • Simple and convenient installation with the classic installer.
  • One registered copy may be used by a single person who uses the SuperBoundary personally on one computer.
  • Free support.
  • The license key can not be transferred to another computer.

Supported versions:

  • AutoCAD 2012 (x86)(x64)
  • AutoCAD 2013 (x86)(x64)
  • AutoCAD 2014 (x86)(x64)
  • AutoCAD 2015 (x86)(x64)
  • AutoCAD 2016 (x86)(x64)
  • AutoCAD 2017 (x86)(x64)
  • AutoCAD 2018 (x86)(x64)
  • AutoCAD 2019 (x86)(x64)
  • AutoCAD 2020 (x64)
  • AutoCAD 2021 (x64)
  • AutoCAD 2022 (x64)
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