SYNCING.NET FileSharing Personal Edition

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  • New Price: $50.62

Main Features:

  • Simple, secure, seamless file-sharing of any size or type with colleagues around the world in real-time. Make a change to an important project document and know that every single member of your team will be looking at the exact same information in real-time.
  • Upon creating a folder for synchronization, you decide what content to share and with whom you want to share it. Your data is your data, and only you decide what files remain on your PC and what files go to different, specified PCs.
  • SYNCING.NET synchronizes your files automatically, and in the background. Work on files, surf, listen to music, watch videos, whatever. It’s all uninterrupted. After the initial setup, you never have to think about your synced data again. It’s that simple.
  • Your synced Windows files will be up-to-date on every single PC in your group – automatically, every time.
  • SYNCING.NET is completely location-independent. All you need is an internet connection for real-time, secure synchronization. If you happen to be in the middle of nowhere without your trusty internet, simply work offline. The second you’re back online the changed data will automatically be synced.
  • SYNCING.NET only needs to synchronize the changes within any files being updated, not the entire file.
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