WCFStorm Rest – Personal

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  • Old Price: $149
  • New Price: $104.30

Main Features:

  • Send GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, HEAD, and OPTIONS HTTP requests
  • Organize functional tests into projects
  • Line-by-line comparison of actual and expected responses
  • Add additional custom validations (like regex validation) apart from the exact match comparison between the actual and expected responses.
  • Multiple-tab support
  • Save HTTP requests to a file
  • Load saved HTTP requests.
  • Supports basic authentication
  • Supports X509 certificates
  • Configurable default HTTP headers
  • Automatic sending of cookies
  • Create/delete/edit cookies
  • Configurable HTTP parameters
  • Supports web proxy
  • Support for custom HTTP headers
  • Syntax highlighting for XML requests/responses
  • Syntax highlighting for JSON requests/responses
  • Intellisense and syntax highlighting for HTTP headers
  • Auto-plotting of response time
  • Support for excluding some HTTP headers during the functional test validation
  • Functional testing
  • Performance testing
  • Scripting support (IronPython).
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