WCFStorm Server Personal

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Right now, WCFStorm is offering a 15% discount on WCFStorm Server Personal (with 1 YR Subscription). Grab this great opportunity to acquire your saving! Click here to discover your saving!

  • Old Price: $249
  • New Price: $211.65

Main Features:

  • Self-host WCF and REST services without writing a single code
  • Manage self-hosted services with a simple and intuitive GUI
  • Host in either .NET 2.0 or 4.0 runtime
  • Provides a configurable custom trace listener that
  • A built-in text editor (with syntax highlighting) for editing config files
  • Automatic logging of messages
  • Automatic logging of service exceptions
  • Automatic addition of a mex HTTP endpoint (if not present in the service config)
  • A plugin framework for adding custom WCF behaviors and UI elements
  • Can create a valid WCF Service config file if there are no config files present.
  • 1-click to add System.Diagnostics tracing configuration entries
  • Never lose a config file by storing it WCFStormHost’s internal database.
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