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Apeaksoft iPhone Eraser – Erase All Content and Settings on iOS

Apeaksoft iPhone Eraser is a robust software designed to permanently erase all data and settings from iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Its main purpose is to safeguard personal privacy by ensuring that all personal information, such as contacts, messages, account details, photos, and browser history, is securely wiped out, leaving no chance for recovery. This is particularly useful for those looking to sell or donate their device and want to ensure their privacy is not compromised.

Apeaksoft iPhone Eraser Giveaway Key Download

Apeaksoft iPhone Eraser is a powerful tool for those needing to permanently erase data from their iOS devices while ensuring their personal information remains secure. With its easy-to-use interface, multiple erasure levels, and broad compatibility with iOS devices and versions, it’s a comprehensive solution for data erasure needs. Whether for privacy protection, device optimization, or preparing a device for sale, iPhone Eraser stands as a reliable and effective software choice.

Feature List

  • Comprehensive Data Erasure: It promises to securely erase a wide array of data types from your iOS device, including but not limited to contacts, SMS, account information, photos, videos, songs, apps, and browser history. Settings made on the device are also completely wiped, giving you a fresh start​​​​.
  • Privacy Protection: The software is designed with privacy in mind, ensuring that once data is erased, it cannot be recovered, thus protecting your personal information from potential data criminals​​.
  • Optimization and Maintenance: Beyond erasure, iPhone Eraser aids in optimizing device performance by clearing unnecessary files and apps, thus potentially speeding up the device and freeing up storage space. It includes functionalities to remove junk files, uninstall apps in bulk, and compress photos without quality loss​​.
  • Multiple Erasing Levels: Catering to different needs, it offers three erasing levels—low, medium, and high. These levels correspond to the intensity of the erasure process, from overwriting data once to thrice, thus accommodating everything from a basic cleanup to the most secure data destruction​​.
  • Device Compatibility: The software is compatible with a wide range of iOS devices and versions, ensuring that no matter your device, you can use this tool for erasure purposes. It even supports simultaneous erasure for multiple devices, saving time for those managing several devices.

System Requirements

  • Operating Systems: Supports Windows OS (Windows XP SP2 and later, including Windows 11) and Mac OS (Mac OS X 10.7 and later, including macOS 14 Sonoma).
  • Hardware Requirements: Requires at least a 1GHz Intel/AMD CPU or above, 1G RAM or more. Also, compatible with Apple M1/M2 chip devices.
  • Supported iOS Versions: Compatible with iOS 5 and above, including iOS 17/iPadOS 17. It also requires iTunes 10.7 or above, with the latest version recommended for optimal performance​

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Giveaway Activation Steps

Total Time: 10 minutes

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Materials: Windows PC

Giveaway Terms & Conditions

  • Giveaway end date: March 31, 2024
  • The activation code must be activated before the expiry date; otherwise, it is invalid.
  • Lifetime license for the current version.
  • Transfer of a license to another owned computer is not allowed.
  • No free technical support is provided.

Apeaksoft iPhone Eraser Giveaway
apeaksoft iphone eraser giveaway

You can trust Apeaksoft iPhone Earser to guard your private information by securely removing all the data, account information, settings, etc. from your iDevice permanently. No personal information can be tracked after you sell your old iPhone/iPad/iPod.

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