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Main Features:

  • SecureBridge can work as a high-performance SSH server with SSH clients such as OpenSSH or PuTTY.
  • SFTP is a network protocol for accessing, transferring, and managing files on remote systems over an untrusted network.
  • SSL client and server are embedded into the app. The app calls methods of the embedded SSL client to encrypt and send data.
  • FTPS extends the FTP protocol that is packaged with TLS and SSL for securely transferring files between a client app and a server.
  • HTTP is a protocol that underlies any data exchange on the Web between a client, usually a web browser, and a server that hosts resources, such as HTML documents.
  • The WebSocket protocol provides full-duplex communication channels over a single TCP connection through a persistent connection between the client the server.
  • SignalR is a client/server communication protocol that adds real-time web functionality to apps.
  • CMS is a standard for cryptographically protected messages. This syntax is used to digitally sign, digest, authenticate, or encrypt the content of arbitrary messages between a client and a server.
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