dtSearch Engine (Win) 4+ servers

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Take this dtSearch coupon code for dtSearch Engine (Win) 4+ servers to receive $166.6. Hurry! Don’t miss out!

  • Old Price: $3,332
  • New Price: $3,165.40

Main Features:

  • Add dtSearch’s proven “industrial-strength” searching and broad data support to your application
  • Cross-platform APIs cover C++, Java and .NET 5 / .NET Core
  • Also works on cloud platforms like Azure and AWS
  • An ASP.NET Core demo showing faceted search and multicolor hit-highlighting is available
  • Terabyte Indexer
  • Concurrent, Multithreaded Searching
  • Federated Searching and the dtSearch Spider
  • 25+ Search Options and International Language Support
  • Faceted Search and Other Data Classification Options
  • Document Filters and Supported Data Types.
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