TradeMart Professional

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  • Old Price: $499
  • New Price: $424.15

Main Features:

  • Ease to use admin panel
  • Site settings
  • User management
  • Manage user verification request
  • Rich text editor
  • Can edit the content of various emails that are sent to users for different notification.
  • Can efficiently manage location from admin panel by adding, editing , viewing and deleting the country, state and city details
  • Can add , edit delete and view product category and sub category as well as manage it with details such as category/sub category name, description and status from admin panel
  • Easily managed by admin with basic product details as added by the suppliers , admin can further edit , delete and view details along with it can export to CSV file
  • Can be reported by the users from front end , admin can view the details of the users as well as reported products in the admin panel and can respond it via message
  • Can set the featured product fee which will be applicable to users who would like to keep his/her product as featured , admin can also edit and view the details from admin panel
  • Can set Low Minimum Order Quantity min price limit from admin panel ,by entering and editing the price limit ,which will be applicable on all products that are listed on the website
  • Manage the buying requirements of the products added by the buyers with basic details of the products , required quantity and last date , admin can edit , delete , view and set it as activate/deactivate from admin panel
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