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Let’s use this great Rohos coupon code to enjoy 35% off Rohos Logon Key software. Don’t hesitate when you like something! Just get one!

  • Regular Price: $32
  • New Price: $20.68

Main Features:

  • Replaces weak password-based login with a hardware Security Key: USB flash drive, Google Authenticator OTP, FIDO U2F, or industrial RFID access cards.
  • Or adds two-factor authentication: Your Key + PIN code, or Key + Windows password.
  • Uses a long and powerful Windows password, without the need to memorize it.
  • Login with an electronic Key is fully automatic and fast.
  • Authorize elevated operations in User Account Control request with a key as an easy click.
  • The computer is password-protected, but you don’t need to enter it manually each time you log in, unlock/resume, or authorize changes.
  • Use a single key to log into your home, laptop, and office computer.
  • Have a few different devices for login into a single PC.
  • Windows login is protected even in Safe Mode or Remote Desktop.
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