WinCatalog Personal 2024

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  • Old Price: $39.95
  • New Price: $31.96

Main Features:

  • An ability to add disks, folders, and individual files to your catalog
  • Unlimited number of disks, folders, and files
  • Adding virtual folders and moving items between them
  • Managing tags and associating them with individual files, disks, or folders
  • An ability to filter search results
  • Searching using simple natural queries or powerful search operators
  • Duplicate file finder – an ability to find duplicate files by matching one or more fields or a checksum
  • Multiple searches at the same time
  • All types of files are indexed, including extracting additional information from various types of files (archives, photos, images, video, music, e-books, PDF, HTML, text)
  • Exporting your catalog into XML, HTML, or CSV (MS Excel) report and printing
  • Basic automation via the command line arguments
  • Browsing a catalog in a grid view or a thumbnails view
  • Updating disks when the content has changed
  • Properties panel displays significant info about files, disks, and folders
  • Insert Disk dialog saves your time
  • Adding contacts and managing loaned disks
  • Managing locations to find disks easily
  • Compatibility.
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