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Don’t forget to use this FXS Expert promo code to enjoy a 10% discount for FXS Expert FXGOODWAY X2 EURUSD right here and right now. Just come and save a lot of money!

  • Old Price: $315
  • New Price: $283.5

Main Features:

  • In our EA we use special algorithms for opening trades and, most importantly, for closing them afterward. This allows us to always close our positions in total profit. Thanks to this you will have a constant profit every week, without protracted drawdowns and unprofitable trading months.
  • All that you will need is to specify which part of the deposit you are ready to use for trading. And that is all, the system will calculate the lots and limit the possible drawdown instead of you.
  • FXGOODWAY has a unique algorithm that allows to simultaneously trade using several sessions (logics). The system analyzes the current state of the market and based on the data received, decides which logic to apply and whether or not it should trade using other sessions at the same time. All this together allows to significantly increase the profitability of the EA, without increasing a drawdown.
  • Good results on backtests and live.
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