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  • Old Price: $269
  • New Price: $242.1

Main Features:

  • Always trade by the trend and close trades that are against the trend.
  • it works in such a way as not to have protracted trades in the Market. On average, trades do not stay in the market for more than 1-2 days, and often only a couple of hours. The EA also closes trades that could cause protracted trading.
  • FXRapidEA has a drawdown control system. This means that if you specify in the settings of the EA that the risk should be, for example, 30%, the system will calculate a lot size in such a way so that the strategy could fully and reliably work with this risk.
  • Our EA is compatible with any brokers. It is also compatible with NFA-regulated brokers and brokers with the FIFO rule. There are no special requirements, so FXRapidEA can be safely used on your usual brokers.
  • Our 100% automatic robot is very easy to install and extremely easy to set up. Also, there is a detailed user manual in a set with the EA. If you are not interested in other settings, then we can say to start the EA you will need to specify only one setting – the percentage of your desired risk.
  • FXRapidEA DUE trades on 2 currency pairs: EURUSD, NZDUSD.
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