Macro Recorder Pro

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Right now you will save a lot of money when ordering Macro Recorder Pro – Incl. 1-year maintenance with the Bartels Media deal. This is a great opportunity for big savings. Hurry!

  • Regular Price: $143.94

Main Features:

Macro Recorder Standard – Incl. 1-year maintenance’s features plus:

  • Macro Recorder Clicks Smarter
  • Post-playback
  • Macro Recorder Professional Edition for Windows can be controlled through command-line parameters.
  • Macro Recorder can pause the macro playback for a defined time in milliseconds, wait for a keypress, text input, file change event, pixel color change, or appearance of a bitmap or text in a customizable area of the computer desktop.
  • The smart record captures mouse clicks, text entries, and window changes, but no XY mouse coordinates, no mouse movements between clicks and no pauses between actions.
  • Macro Recorder can search a customizable region of the desktop for an image pattern or any text (with OCR text recognition) and jump to a specified section of the macro script.
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