WCFStorm Professional Edition

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Main Features:

  • Dynamically invoke and test WCF Services
  • Dynamically invoke and test Web services written in any language
  • UI-based, dynamic editing of complex data types
  • Test multiple WCF and Web services within a single UI
  • Basic and windows authentication
  • Test WCF/web services sitting behind a proxy
  • Dynamically modify the URL endpoint of a WCF or Web service
  • Dynamically edit the service binding
  • Load local WSDL file
  • Multiple-tabbed interface
  • Load existing client App. config files
  • Save a WCF/web service and its test cases into a “project” which can be reloaded anytime
  • Custom validations of functional test cases
  • Randomizing requests or re-using the previous response as input to the next request
  • Programmatically modifying the ServiceEndpoint instance
  • Duplex WCF Services
  • Support for scripting (ironpython).
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